High quality, hard wearing floor:

You may think of your grandmother's kitchen or 'lino' when you think of vinyl flooring.  However, vinyl flooring has evolved a lot throughout the years. You can, as with all types of flooring, buy inexpensive vinyl, but you can also buy high quality vinyl, which is often indistinguishable from wood, slate or marble. Many of our vinyl's have an R10 rating, which means that they are slip resistant, and many have a 15 year warranty, so are very hard wearing.

Easy to clean and maintain:

The main benefit of vinyl flooring is that it is very easy to maintain. It is incredibly water resistant, making it a particularly good for use bathrooms, kitchens, en-suites, WCs and wet rooms. If it gets covered in food or mud, it is very easy to clean. It is also become a very popular option for hallways, as the hallway is often the first area that you come into in the house with wet or muddy feet, and vinyl is quick and easy to just wipe down using a cloth or mop. 

Pros: Easy maintenance, easy to keep clean, hard wearing, looks good, slip resistant.

Cons: Can be cut with sharp implements.

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