Luxury Vinyl Tiles

You may have heard of either Karndean OR Amtico, these two names, however, are just brand names of luxury vinyl tiles and there are many other suppliers.

There are a lot of other Luxury Vinyl Tile brands available that are worth considering in your home or business, the way to judge the quality of a vinyl tile is to look at the following factors:


How thick is the WEAR LAYER?

The quality of any vinyl tile is always measured through the thickness of the wear layer.  Wear layers are usually made between 0.2mm and 1.0mm.  For a domestic situation i.e your home, the ideal wear layer is between 0.2mm and 0.4mm.  This is classified as heavy domestic quality.


A 0.5mm - 0.6mm wear layer is extra heavy domestic/light commercial quality so can withstand extra wear from a larger amount of traffic i.e. a larger family, pets or foot traffic from a small business.  Anything from 0.7mm - 1.0mm is heavy commercial, it can also be used in domestic but is not necessary due to the quality.


Is it P.U Coated?

Many brands of Luxury vinyl tiles come with  PU Coating, as standard, this means it will have a protective layer which prevents it from fine scratches, scuffs and spillages etc. If a vinyl tile does not have this coating (i.e most Karndean vinyl tiles) then it will need to be treated with the cleaning and maintenance procedure immediately after fitting.

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